Restoring the Biblical Christ: Is Jesus God? Vol. 1 by Jason Kerrigan

Jason Kerrigan’s book Restoring the Biblical Christ: Is Jesus God? Vol. 1 challenges the widely held orthodox position of Christianity that Jesus is God. His exegetical analysis on the subject is comprehensive and at the same time challenging.

This isn’t one of those “cop-out” books where he simply refutes the Trinity teaching by saying “here’s a verse now we shall explain away”. Kerrigan brings out many of the different Trinitarian proof texts and analyzes them in depth and investigates to uncover what they are really saying.

After he presents the Trinitarian case, he then presents some of their double standards or arguable rules of interpreting the Greek grammar behind each proof text. Kerrigan compiles his own set of proof texts affirming what he has also been saying all along.

Some of the negatives in this book:
I think that Kerrigan in some places comes out as a dualist which I do not feel is really a well established position. Further, he does not interact with proof texts that could reference Christ’s role in creation to strictly that of the new creation and I personally believe Kerrigan came out as a Biblical literalist too much of the time in stating how we should go with what the Bible says.

Overall, this book definitely did deepen my understanding of the Bible as well as challenged my understanding of some of the way I read some of these verses in here. Thus, this book was really helpful to me. It included many footnotes and also had a great appendix where Kerrigan further expounds on the position that which he has taken on some of the verses and proof texts examined in the book. He also uses neat examples to explain what he is saying for instance, the picture of Abraham Lincoln compared to Abraham Lincoln himself is an analogy of the relationship between Jesus and the Father.

I also learned much of what the Greek text says and he articulates his arguments on his interpretation of the verses quite well. I would recommend this book to anyone who is studying Christology whether he or she is Trinitarian or anti-Trinitarian. For Trinitarians, this may help see where anti-Trinitarians are coming from and for anti-Trinitarians, this might help them build and formulate some of their arguments against the Trinity.

Atheists/agnostics might like this book to fuel some of their arguments against orthodox Christianity as a whole and Muslims might like this book to give them more ammunition against Trinitarianism. I am not entirely certain what other people of other faiths who don’t care whether God is a Trinity or Jesus is God or not would like it though.


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  1. Glad it was helpful and I’m grateful for the review. Regards.

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