The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God by St. John Maximovitch

First off, sorry everyone. I have a few pages left of Tolkien’s second book of his Lord of the Rings Trilogy in case you were expecting that. I am still trying to get around to it but have been swamped in schoolwork. So my apologies.

Secondly, The Orthodox Veneration of the Mother of God by St. John Maximovitch is a short but yet very detailed book on the patristic tradition of the veneration of the Mary, the Mother of God. Not all Christians agree that she was the Mother of God but the ones who follow the historical traditions of the Church teachings on the issue most certainly do.

The book, though short, is a great read for anyone regardless of their religious faith. Especially if you are interested in the subject of Mariology. This is actually my first read on this kind of subject so I did find it interesting. In it, you find out why the Orthodox don’t hold to the immaculate conception as a dogma, what they believe about the earthly life of Mary, what they believe about her dormition and assumption into Heaven, and several other things.

It is also useful for defending the Catholic and Orthodox doctrines on the perpetual virginity of Mary because it explains it’s historic, patristic basis, and then it answers objections to it in brief, yet detailed, writing.

I recommend to anyone interested in Mariology, Eastern Orthodoxy, or church history.


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