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Hilarion Alfeyev – Christ the Conqueror of Hell

Hilarion Alfeyev’s book, Christ the Conqueror of Hell is a well-put-together overview on the patristic thought of Christ’s descent into Hell. I think he comes out a bit too harsh on the Latin patristics though. The book is mostly an … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams – Praying With Icons of the Virgin

This book is bound to be a gem in the section of iconography some day. Rowan Williams’s work actually brings the icons to life. He goes through the book describing each icon he writes about in detail. He also makes … Continue reading

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Etienne Gilson – Christian Philosophy: An Introduction

This was actually an interesting introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas’s philosophy. Etienne Gilson was a French, Roman Catholic, metaphysicist. Since it was short, not much can be said of it but it introduces the reader to peer into what Catholics … Continue reading

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Plato: The Man and His Work by A.E. Taylor

This book was more of a commentary on Plato’s works. All of them. It gives you an in-depth insight into the ancient Greek philosopher’s mind and his own way of thinking. I was surprised to find that despite that it … Continue reading

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