Etienne Gilson – Christian Philosophy: An Introduction

This was actually an interesting introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas’s philosophy. Etienne Gilson was a French, Roman Catholic, metaphysicist.

Since it was short, not much can be said of it but it introduces the reader to peer into what Catholics generally talk about when they talk about epistemology and metaphysics. Gilson gives the lay-out of teachings involving apophatic theology, creation ex nihilo, and concepts of Thomistic ontology.

I would recommend it to any Protestant who is still fixated on trying to describe God adequately using concepts that ordinary people might be able to understand. It challenges that position quite a lot throughout the book. I don’t think any Protestant can read this book and come away thinking that they now can know for certain the characteristics of the deity.

He also draws connections between Thomistic thought and the philosophies of Aristotle, Avicenna, Al-Ghazali, and Plato as well as where they differ. The books is worth reading for those connections alone I would definitely say.

It’s brief and it’s probably not his best. I also ordered his book The Christian Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas which is longer and should be much more in depth than this book is.

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